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Food Allergy Testing

What are the three top food allergies? Bet you can’t guess them!!!

Dairy, wheat, and eggs!

What are the three top symptoms of food allergies? Bet you can’t guess these either!!

Fatigue, excess fat, and a weak immune system!!!!

If you have unexplained symptoms undiscovered food allergies could solve issues that have plagued you and main stream medical doctors.

So why do so many people think that you have to have some crazy reaction to have a food allergy?

Well that’s because America is plagued by overweight people out of energy.

How do YOU find out what allergies you have?

Call our office and make an appointment. When you come in we will draw your blood. When the results come back we will email or fax you your results! There is no second appointment needed for your results unless you prefer to have us review your labs in person.

How many foods do you test?

We test the 95 most commonly eaten foods that cause food allergies.

What else can I expect if I cut out food allergies?

People who have food allergies are typically more sensitive to environmental allergies as well. Those allergies include pet hair, pollen, mold, and dust. Our patients report that their sensitivity to environmental allergies decreases once food allergies are eliminated.

What will the allergy test and visit cost?

Our special is $320

Sample Report:

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