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Diet and Exercise Coaching with Dan Eslinger:

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MIC and B12 injections:

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Treating Yeast- Men and Women:

We most commonly think of a yeast infection as an isolated infection that only affects women in their vaginal area. This common misunderstanding of yeast leaves hundreds of men and women who have yeast problems untreated.

Causes of Yeast overgrowth include: antibiotics, birth control pills, synthetic estrogen, steroids, chemotherapy, impaired liver function, diabetes, drinking alcohol, eating pasteurized dairy, nutritional deficiencies, impaired liver function

Symptoms of Yeast overgrowth: Exhaustion, foggy thinking, feel sick all over, spaced out muscle aches, digestive problems, sugar cravings, sensitive to perfumes and other chemicals, sexual dysfunction, infertility, endometriosis, headaches, depression, memory loss & inability to lose weight.

Treatments for Yeast overgrowth: Nystatin, Diflucan, Sporanox, Nizoral. Some of the treatments can cause liver toxicity. Eating three cloves of uncooked garlic daily combined with probiotics can work as well. Regardless of what treatment chosen, cutting out the five top foods that promote yeast overgrowth is also important. These foods include all dairy, alcohol, dried fruits, peanuts, and mold/ yeast containing foods.

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