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Our Team

Dear Patients,

“Your customized wellness” is our approach to weight loss, youthful aging, and hormone replacement therapy.

What we mean by that is: Our goal is to create a program that will change the way you feel, restore your health, and educate you in the process. All our staff members have a strong interest in health and wellness and the passion to pass along our knowledge responsibly.  Our practice utilizes naturally occurring compounds (bio-identical hormones, nutritional supplements, food allergy testing) to prevent internal and external effects of aging and disease. DON’T BE SURPRISED TO FIND ANSWERS TO YOUR HEALTH PROBLEMS NO OTHER DOCTORS OFFICE HAS!!

Anti-aging medicine and hormones have been heavily studied and used for years in other countries. In some countries, many of the prescription drugs we prescribe can be purchased as over the counter medications.  Educating our patients on which medications can help them, then how to use them safe and effectively is our goal.  This field of medicine appears relatively new in America, but the protocols utilized are strongly supported by years of research in the states and abroad. Some may call this “alternative medicine” however “real medicine” is a more accurate choice of words because it is the replacement of (of body signalers) hormones that “really” occur in the body, rather than a synthetic substance that the body recognizes as foreign and cause unwanted side effects.

Along with reducing symptoms, our goal is also to delay or prevent diseases that primarily plague the old.  These diseases include cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, body wasting, and the many other frightening illnesses common in the aging population.

There is a great deal of confusion concerning hormone replacement. Our practice will help you understand the facts concerning the benefits and risks involved.

No one is more interested or responsible for your health than you! Baby boomers are growing to understand the assumption that “your doctor will take care of you” is not enough.  Ultimately, you are the only judge to determine if the course of action you are taking is improving your overall health and wellness. A self-motivated, inquisitive patient only helps further improve treatment success.

Thank you for your interest in “ENVIZION MEDICAL”

- The Medical Staff

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